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Accommodation at the ÅrreNjarka Mountain Lodge

Sami Cultural Afternoon

LavvuTogether with your guide, you make your way through the darkening midwinter landscape. You are going to the site where the traditional sami tent, the lavvu, is set up. Your Sami guide is a trained achaeologist, and on your way there, you will start to get introduced to the Sami way of life and ancient knowledge about how to dress in the deep of winter, how to move, simply how to live in harmony with the cold climate. As you come to the lavvu site, you sit down on reindeer hides in a half circle around the fireplace, and feel the warmth of the flames. The atmosphere around the fireplace in a lavvu is something very special, and you are transfered far back in time as your guide tells stories about the history of the sami people.You will also get to hear traditional sami chant, joik, which certainly adds to the atmosphere. Hot coffee is brewed on the fire and you get to taste some traditional bread with smoked reindeer meat or dried reindeer meat. Time flies very quickly in the lavvu and before you know it, it is time to make your way back to Årrenjarka,in the light of headlamps.

2-12 persons.

Duration: 3 hours

Includes: Guide, coffee, sandwich.

Price: 845 sek/person.