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Accommodation at the ÅrreNjarka Mountain Lodge

About Årrenjarka, our village

HearthThe earliest settlements in Årrenjarka dates back at least 4000 years. These early sami people lived of the land as hunters, fishermen and gatherers. The Årrenjarka area was ideal with lots of fish where the little creek, Årrejohka, met the big Saggat lake. And the forests and mountains sourrounding the sheltered settlement was full of wild game, like moose, capricalies, grouse and wild reindeer.

The decendents of these people still live in the area. Around the years 800-1000 AD, some sami take up the use of reindeer for transportation and by the year 1500 AD is the reindeer central for the sami economy. The domesticating of the wild reindeer turns the sami people from hunter/gatherers to nomadic lifestyle who follow their herds, finding them fresh grazing land and keeping them safe from predators. Hunting and fishing has still up to modern times played a vital part in sami life, and many sami never started large scale reindeerherding, but kept on hunting and fishing as their survival.

In the early 19th century people begin to settle down in the river valleys. They began small scale farming combined with fishing and hunting. Some kept the link to reindeerherding as an important suorce of livelyhood, and had close cooperation with the neighbouring nomads. Later on people in the mountain walleys also got their income from the logging industry and building of hydropower plants and infrastructure with the increasing exploitations of the rivervalleys.

The settlement in Årrenjarka was founded in 1811.

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